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Treatments and Medications for COVID-19

Treatments and Medications for COVID-19

The FDA has authorized certain antiviral medications to treat mild to moderate COVID-19 in people who are more likely to get seriously ill from COVID-19 infection.

Oral antiviral treatments target specific parts of the virus to stop it from multiplying in the body, helping to prevent severe illness and death.

Free Telehealth Service

Individuals 18 years and older, regardless of insurance status, that test positive for COVID-19 will be able to use Wisconsin's telehealth service for free consultation and prescription services to receive COVID-19 oral anti-viral treatment. Anyone experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 should get tested right away; antiviral treatment must be started within 5 days after developing symptoms to be effective. At-home COVID tests or tests performed by a health care provider or at a community testing site are acceptable. Even if symptoms are mild, you should seek treatment.

People who have tested positive will be able to contact a health care clinician using video or telephone for consultation, screening, and a prescription for oral antiviral pills. If eligible, the clinician will prescribe Paxlovid or Lagevrio to be filled at a local pharmacy. If someone does not have access to a pharmacy, DHS can overnight ship the medicine to them.

Free Telehealth Service is available in multiple languages. Residents who do not have access to the internet can access the service by phone at 1-833-273-6330. Consultations are available within 30 minutes, seven days a week from 8 am to 8 pm.

More information: DHS: COVID-19 Treatments and Medications