Wood County, Wisconsin

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Wood County Adult Drug Treatment Court

The Wood County Adult Drug Treatment Court is a cooperative effort between:

  • Wood County Courts
  • District Attorney’s Office
  • Public Defender’s Office
  • Wood County Law Enforcement
  • Wood County Human Services
  • Probation and Parole
  • ATTIC Correctional Services


Wood County Adult Drug Treatment Court is a cost-effective and efficient judicial model, which is designed to bridge the gap between treatment and the criminal justice system to help drug offenders break the cycle of drug use and reducing criminal behavior.

This model will optimize the opportunity for sobriety for offenders while enhancing the well being of the individual, family, and community through a holistic approach.

Goals & Benefits

  • To provide early referral, assessment and court intervention
  • To provide effective court supervision
  • To provide an integrated continuum of substance abuse treatment
  • To promote public safety by reducing recidivism
  • To promote recovery and improve the quality of life of the participant and their families


  • Individualized assessment and alcohol and other substance abuse programming in a treatment track
  • A commitment to remain alcohol and drug-free while in the program
  • Compliance with all program recommendations and requirements
  • Submission to drug testing
  • Incentives for compliance with the program or sanctions for program violations including jail detention
  • Remaining subject to conditions of bail or ATR
  • Wisconsin Rapids and Marshfield office for case management and treatment


  • No violent felony pending or past convictions for violent felony
  • Reside in Wood County for six months and be willing to continually reside in Wood County (criteria for residency: information, legal documents, etc.)

Contact Information

Ryan McMillen
Case Manager / Coordinator
Phone: 715-421-8785
Email: ryan.mcmillen@woodcountywi.gov