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Edgewater Haven Admissions

If your doctor suggests that you or a loved one needs nursing home care, or if a crisis occurs, nursing home admission is reasonably simple.

  • If you are at home, you need to see your doctor for a "Nursing Home Physical". When you admit to the nursing home, this medical information can be no more than (5) days old.
  • If you are in the hospital, you need to inform the hospital social worker or discharge planner which nursing home you choose.
  • You may also contact Social Services/Admissions at Edgewater Haven for information regarding admission and bed availability.
  • Nursing home admission requires the signing of many forms. Plan at least one hour for the admission process, once you arrive at the nursing home.
  • Upon admission, have your insurance card, Medicare card, and Social Security card available, as well as any Power of Attorney documents that you might have.