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Children's Waivers

Children’s Long Term Support Waivers for Developmental Disabilities

The Children’s Long Term Support Waivers Program provides supports to children with a serious to severe physical, cognitive, and/or emotional disability. The federal government’s Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), allows states the flexibility to use Medicaid funds to develop and implement creative alternatives to placing individuals in hospitals or nursing homes.

To qualify for a CLTS waiver, a child must show proof of citizenship, their identity, and be eligible for Medicaid. They also need a level of care determination that is provided when the Children’s Long-Term Functional Screen is conducted. In Wood County, children granted CLTS waiver slots may receive funding until they turn 22 years of age, they transition to adult services, or until they no longer meet eligibility.

Support and services available:

  • Support and Service Coordination
  • Utilizing informal supports of the family
  • Link to community supports
  • Link to support services, counseling, daily living skills, respite, communication aids, home modifications and others
  • Crisis Support Services

Eligibility for Long Term Waivers

  • A child must be a State of Wisconsin resident for a minimum of 6 months
  • Child must be a resident of Wood County
  • Child must be eligible for Medicaid
  • The Children’s Functional Screen determines if a child is eligible and under what level of care
  • Usually age birth to 18 years, but services are available until the age of 22

*There may be a parental fee associated with the cost of the ISP. Parental fee is based on family income.

To make a referral, contact Wood County Human Services at 715-421-4244.

If you are not the parent or legal guardian we would appreciate if you would PLEASE contact the family and ask to make a referral on their behalf.