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Comprehensive Community Services

Comprehensive Community Services

Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) provides access to services for children and adults with mental health and/or substance use disorders and utilizes a recovery-focused approach. Services are provided using a wraparound model that is community-based, flexible, consumer directed, strength and outcome based and will help the person achieve their personal vision of recovery. The focus of CCS programs is to assist consumers in efforts to maximize their independence.

Who is Eligible?

Children and adults of all ages, living in Wood County, with a mental health and/or substance abuse diagnosis that is interfering in one or more areas of the person’s life such as the ability to hold a job, go to school, live independently or lead an active life. Participants must have or be eligible for Medical Assistance. All applicants to the CCS program will be screened for eligibility.

Important Elements of CCS

  • Consumer Focus
  • Builds on Natural & Community Supports
  • Strength Based
  • Self-Sufficiency
  • Goal and Outcome Oriented
  • Collaboration
  • Cultural Competency

Application & Referral Process

Everyone who is referred to CCS needs to complete an application. The application will be reviewed and a meeting will be scheduled with the applicant. During the meeting, a Mental Health/Substance Abuse Functional Screen will be completed and the applicant will find out if they are eligible for CCS.

An admission agreement to CCS needs to be signed and then planning can begin for the development of the Recovery Team. Within the first 30 days, the participant and the team meet to discuss strengths, needs and recovery goals. The consumer decides what services will meet their needs. These might include: residential programs, community living skill groups, work programs, peer support, medication monitoring and counseling. The consumer and Recovery Team are not limited by these services and should look at all community supports which can meet needs.

Program Staff

CCS program staff work with the consumer and their recovery team to develop the recovery plan, assist with setting up and monitoring services and to provide service facilitation. Our staff includes:

  • CCS Program Manager
  • CCS Service Facilitators
  • CCS RN Service Facilitators

Assistance is provided to identify and access other professionals that can help in the journey toward recovery. These professionals may include: psychiatrist or other medical practitioner, therapist, AODA counselor and others.

For more information, contact Human Services Central Intake at 715-421-4244.

Children's Comprehensive Community Services

Children’s Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) provides an array of psychosocial rehabilitation services to consumers up to age 19 (if enrolled high school) with mental health or substance use disorders. The program uses a wraparound model that is community-based, flexible, consumer directed, recovery oriented, and strengths-based. The intent of services is to reduce the effect of the youth’s mental and substance disorders, restore youth to the best possible level of functioning, and to facilitate recovery. Medical Assistance is billed for services. Referrals are accepted from child welfare, education providers, juvenile justice, mental health programs, parents and caregivers.

In order to be enrolled in the CCS program, children must have a:

  • Mental health or substance use diagnosis
  • Determination of functional eligibility via the Children’s Long Term Functional Screen
  • Residence in Wood County