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Coordinated Services Team (CST)

Coordinated Services Team (CST) is a wraparound model of care for children with behavioral health issues. CST is targeted to children that are involved in two or more systems of care (such as mental health, long term care, juvenile justice, child welfare, substance abuse or special education) and who have complex needs.

The wraparound process is based on family and community values, is committed to creatively addressing child and family needs and focuses on community-based supports. The development of relationships within the community is critical to the success of CST in the support of the child and family.

Support teams are developed in collaboration with the family and include:

  • The child
  • Parents
  • Individuals who are important in the life of the child and family – examples include: relatives, neighbors, caregivers, pastor or spiritual leader, social worker, teachers, friends, AODA provider, law enforcement, therapists and the service facilitator

The team completes an assessment to identify major strengths and needs, and based on that assessment develops an individualized Plan of Care for the child and family that spells out specific activities and priority goals. Parents or caregivers are equal partners and have ultimate ownership of the Plan of Care. The Plan includes plans and goals of all on the team to avoid duplication of services.

Progress is monitored by reviewing the plan regularly. When progress is not apparent, the team works together to problem solve what could be done to help.

Safety and Crisis Plans are developed as needed to ensure safety for the child, family and community.

Guiding Principles of CST

  • Team member involvement is voluntary
  • Services are focused on the child and based on strengths and needs
  • Services are provided in the community when possible
  • Decisions are reached by team agreement
  • Team meetings are held regularly, not just around crises
  • Teams work on a full range of life needs
  • Crisis and safety plans are developed with the team
  • The focus is on attainable goals and measuring progress toward those goals
  • Success is celebrated
  • Care is unconditional – services change if something doesn’t work

Who is eligible?

There are four basic requirements used to determine eligibility for CST services:

  1. Children, up to age 18, living in Wood County, with behavioral health issues, who are currently receiving direct services from two different sources such as mental health therapy or medication monitoring, special education, juvenile justice, child protective services, AODA treatment.
  2. Other interventions have not been successful over time or there are persistent obstacles to service access causing a need for service coordination.
  3. The child is at risk of being placed out-of-home, or is currently in out-of-home placement.
  4. Parents are willing to be involved in the coordinated services process (or at least willing to learn more about it).

To make a referral please contact Wood County Human Services Department at 715-421-4244.