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Online Records Access

In order to provide access to Real Estate Records, Wood County now has available the following two options depending on your usage.

Option 1: TAPESTRY - For the Occasional User.

Tapestry is a pay-in-advance method for viewing County documents. This option is primarily designed and used by professionals working in real estate or a related business. If you are not familiar in the area of searching real estate records you are advised to contact the local register of deeds for assistance.

Link: Tapestry (www.landrecords.net)

Option 2: LAREDO - For the Daily Professional User.

This option is an Internet based access program designed for more frequent users such as title companies and other related businesses that need daily access to the land records system.

How is Access Obtained?

Access is obtained by entering into a written agreement with the Wood County Register of Deeds. At that time, a user name and password will be set up for you.

Who do I contact for a fee schedule and further information?

Contact the Wood County Register of Deeds at (715) 421-8450 or email us from our home page.

Hardware/Software Requirements:

Please refer to the Fidlar website for current system requirements.

Information Available via Laredo:

  • Grantor/Grantee/Tract information with images available from August 1, 1999, to current.
  • Tract indexes available.
  • Mortgage images searchable via location (volume & page) available from 1976 through 1978.
  • Deed images searchable via location (volume & page) available from 1856 through 1978.
  • All Certified Survey Maps are back indexed with images available. Plat images made available upon request.
  • Grantor/Grantee only, with images for deeds, misc docs, available from approximately January 1, 1935, through July 31, 1999.


Errors and Omissions: This is a working index and may contain errors and omissions due to errors in the preparation of the original document or in the indexing. The indexes are double entry verified about 5 days after they are recorded. It is recommended to search several different ways for each property, such as by both a "quick search" (party name) and an "advanced search" (combination of legal description and other pertinent information).

Images: Laredo/Tapestry contains images of Federal Tax Liens and real estate documents that are not identical in content to the documents recorded in this office. Therefore, a photocopy of a document from Laredo/Tapestry cannot be relied upon in judicial or administrative proceedings. For assistance in obtaining an official copy, please contact our office at 715-421-8450.

Wall Dates: The general rule is that the grantor-grantee (or party) index is available the next working day after being recorded, and the tract index (by legal description) and image is available within 5 working days of the date recorded. There are occasional exceptions due to equipment failures and high recording volumes. Email or call when you must have more specific information about wall dates.