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Seasonal Weight Restrictions - Highway Department

The Wood County Highway Department imposes seasonal weight restrictions on most county trunk highways during the spring thaw. The seasonal weight restrictions typically occur from mid-March to around the end of April.

The weight restrictions are 6 tons gross load for single axle vehicles and 10 tons gross load for tandem axle vehicles (any two axles under 8 feet apart). The maximum gross weight is 24 tons.

2024 Wood County Seasonal Weight Restrictions

PLEASE NOTE: Weight restrictions always remain in place until posted signs are removed. However, for your convenience we will announce the dates that signs will begin to be taken down below. Always obey posted signs with respect to weight restrictions.

February 7, 2024
With the warmer weather Wood County Highway Department has been receiving many calls about seasonal weight limits. Highway officials are monitoring frost and moisture conditions to determine if seasonal weight limits need to be posted. At this time Highway officials have determined that weight limits will not be posted on county highways.

Please watch this website weight restrictions page and our Facebook page for updates related to seasonal weight restrictions.

Wood County Highway Department cannot determine seasonal weight restrictions for state, city or town roads. Please check Wisconsin DOT posted roads list for a list of state roads that are posted and with local official for city and town roads.

Dates for 2024 weight restriction are posted below.

Weight restrictions on County Trunk Highways EAST of the Wisconsin River to be placed: TBD
Weight restrictions on County Trunk Highways SOUTH of STH 73 to be placed: TBD
Weight restrictions on County Trunk Highways NORTH of STH 73 to be placed: TBD
Restrictions for County Truck Highways East of the Wisconsin River will begin being lifted TBD
Restrictions for the remainder of the County Trunk Highways will be lifted TBD

List of county roads without posted weight limits