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Wood County Animal Waste Storage Facility Ordinance

Manure Storage Facility

The Wood County Board of Supervisors adopted the Animal Waste Storage, Nutrient Management and Groundwater Protection ordinance in 2000 and updated in 2018. The ordinance regulates the location, design, construction, installation, alteration, closure, use of animal waste and manure storage facilities, and the application of waste and manure from all storage facilities.

Procedure to Obtain a Permit

Contact us! We can explain the steps needed to obtain a permit. We may be able to provide cost share or technical assistance. You must apply before construction takes place. The application must include a construction plan.

  • Complete an initial determination to demonstrate suitable land base for utilization of waste by the Land and Water Conservation Department (LWCD), the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), or an engineer registered in WI.
  • Complete a detailed construction plan by LWCD, NRCS, or an engineer registered in WI.
  • Submit the detailed plan and a permit application to the Wood County Conservationist for review. The permit will be issued or denied.
  • Hold a pre-construction meeting before any construction takes place between landowner, contractor, and the plan writer.
  • Notify the LWCD or NRCS when the project begins so site inspections can take place to ensure proper installation.
  • Contact a certified crop advisor to develop a 590 nutrient management plan. Return to the LWCD and submit one by March 15th every year following construction.
  • Contact the LWCD or NRCS to complete a construction check after the facility has been installed.
  • Complete the construction certification form and return to the LWCD.
  • The LWCD or NRCS shall certify an as-built plan that identifies any changes from the original plan.

NOTE: If any building or facility is to be constructed within 300 feet of a navigable body of water or in a designated flood plain, a zoning permit needs to be issued by the Wood County Planning and Zoning Department.