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Invasive Species in Wood County

Invasive Yellow Floating Heart Photo
Invasive Yellow Floating Heart Photo by Amanda Smith, Wisconsin DNR

Invasive species are organisms that are living in areas where they don’t normally exist and are likely to cause economic or environmental harm or harm to human health. Invasive species are typically spread by humans, whether it be intentionally or unintentionally, through recreational activities, pet and aquarium trade, ship ballast water, transportation of firewood, and more.

The invasive species law in Wisconsin is called the NR40 rule. The NR40 rule identifies and classifies invasive species into two categories: prohibited and restricted. Prohibited species are those that are not yet in the state of Wisconsin or are in only a few places throughout the state. A person cannot possess, transport, transfer, or introduce a prohibited species without a permit. Restricted species are those that are already established throughout the state of Wisconsin. A person cannot transport, transfer, or introduce a restricted species without a permit.

Reporting invasive species is a first step in containing their spread. Maintaining and restoring our waters and landscapes can reduce the impacts even when we don’t have other management options to an invasive species.

Below are materials that can be used to help identify both terrestrial and aquatic invasive species. There is also a publication that can help identify between native and invasive species.

If you have any questions regarding invasive species, please contact our department at (715) 421-8475.

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