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The Wood County Roller Crimper has Arrived!

New for the 2021 growing season, the Wood County LWCD has a roller crimper available to rent.

The roller crimper mechanically terminates a cover crop, and left behind is a high amount of biomass that leaves a thick mat on the soil surface. This mulch prevents weeds from establishing. Timing is crucial with the roller crimper.

An example of a way to use the crimper is by planting soybeans into boot stage rye, and then crimping 2-3 weeks later over the emerged soybeans, pictured to the left. Planting can also be done at the same time as crimping. (Photo credits: University of Wisconsin Extension)

The 12’ 6” wide crimper is a 3 pt pull behind and requires a loader to attach. It requires a 75-90 hp tractor. The cost to rent is $50 + $5 per acre.

As a reminder, we also have a Great Plains 10’ wide no-till drill. The cost to rent the no-till drill is $80 + $8/acre. If you would like to rent the drill and the crimper, the cost is $100 + 10/acre. To get a rental agreement and get on the calendar for either, contact Wood County at 715-421-8475.

A special thanks to the Petenwell and Castle Rock Stewards for their donation to go towards the purchase of the roller crimper.

The Land & Water Conservation Department has a 10' Great Plains No-till drill to rent out.

No-Till Drill Demo

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