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Non-Metallic Mining Reclamation

The DNR Nonmetallic Mining Program works to ensure local and county governments and mine operators across the state follow standards for mine reclamation. County and local zoning bodies are responsible for all mine siting requirements and regulations.

Two Nonmetallic Mining sites, one showing a gravel pit and the other showing a reclaimed site with bulldozer, smooth grade, and a pond.


Nonmetallic mining is the extraction of stone, sand, rock or similar materials from natural deposits. The most common examples of nonmetallic mines are quarries and pits. Nonmetallic mining is a widespread activity in Wisconsin. Materials extracted can range from aggregate for construction; sand, gravel and crushed limestone or dolomite for road building; peat for gardening and horticulture; dimension stone for use in buildings, landscaping, and monuments; and sand that is exported for use by the oil industry.

Nonmetallic mining does not include extraction of metallic mineral deposits containing metals such as copper, lead or zinc, nor does it involve recovery of oil, gas or coal.

Non-Metallic Mining Frequently Asked Questions

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Nonmetallic Mining Reclamation Brochure

Active Mine Site with bare, dug out ground, rock piles, and steep slopes
Active Mine Site
Reclaimed Mine Site with smooth grades, wild grass and plants
Reclaimed Mine Site

For more information, visit http://dnr.wi.gov/topic/mines/nonmetallic.html