Wood County, Wisconsin

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Wood County Rifle & Pistol Range

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Entrance: 3705 Marsh Rd., Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54495

Main Office: 111 W. Jackson St., WI Rapids, WI 54495, 715-421-8422 / parks@woodcountywi.gov
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The Wood County Rifle Range is nine acres and open year-round from sunrise to sunset. The shooting range is free of charge. Eight shooting stations are available ranging from 25 yards out to 100 yards. There are two 100-yard shooting stations, two 50-yard shooting stations, and four 25-yard shooting stations. Each shooting station is equipped with an ambidextrous shooting bench. There is no range master, and users must provide their own targets (cardboard and paper only). The shooting range is surrounded by Wood County Forest. Additionally, the range features a large gravel parking lot, gravel path to all shooting stations, and trash receptacles to dispose of targets and shell casings.


Rifle Range Rules

Facilities & Activities

*Rifle & Pistol Range Map
*Shooting Benches
*Range Backstop
*25-yard Shooting Stations
*50-yard Shooting Stations
*100-yard Shooting Stations
*Gravel Parking Lot
*Natural Surfaced Paths
*Trash Receptacles

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