Wood County, Wisconsin

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Core Values


Safeguarding the wellbeing and security of our community is why we exist. How we do so exemplifies who we are as professionals representing the Wood County Sheriff’s Department. We use our sense of compassion to effectively interpret and apply appropriate laws and to provide comfort to those who are in distress.

Compassion is appreciating another’s perspective or situation when it differs from our own and looking at it through their eyes. We value human dignity and are dedicated to doing the right things for the right reasons.


The Wood County Sheriff’s Department pledges an oath, to the citizens of the county, to stay steadfast in the face of any temptation to renounce, desert, or betray any of the laws set forth by our nation, state and county. Our dedication to this oath is indicative of our allegiance with the citizens of Wood County. We live, play and work in this great community in which we honor our loyalty to those who represent themselves in a positive way.

Selfless Service

“Selfless Service” is embracing and practicing the principle of performing your duty without any thought, expectation, or hope of reward or recognition. It means having the highest of standards and going further than the ‘bare minimum’; always striving to perform better and do more. It is the embodiment of public service as one cannot serve the public by serving oneself. Members of the Wood County Sheriff’s Department are committed to performing their job duties while demonstrating this important core value.

Commitment to Leadership

The Wood County Sheriff’s Department is a frontrunner in law enforcement practices that places an emphasis on being a model for all to see. We feel that each individual needs to be accountable in their area of responsibility as well as in the community. It is crucial that our values become part of our day to day performance as we set examples for the community. We must strive to ensure not only the members of our department, but the citizens of our community have the highest confidence in the Wood County Sheriff’s Department.