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Seasonal Weight Patrol

Seasonal Weight Restrictions Enforcement

In the spring of each year, select roads are posted with seasonal weight limits in order to protect the highway infrastructure. The exact time period each year is weather dependant. This is a cooperative effort between the Wood County Highway Department, the Wood County Sheriff’s Department, and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. Most Wood County highways are posted as well as portions of STH 173, STH 54, and many township roads. The enforcement of these limits is the responsibility of the Wood County Sheriff’s Department and is over seen by Lieutenant Charles Hoogesteger.

We currently have four deputies working seasonal weight patrol. They are:

  • Matt Susa
  • Scott Goldberg
  • Sam Klumb
  • Eric Marten

The Wood County Sheriff's Department believes that education and enforcement are the keys to maintaining the highways during this time period. Companies are advised in advance of the weight season when the road bans go in effect, what roads will they be on, and when they are going to be lifted. An added benefit to this is that companies can make contact with Wood County Sheriff's Department deputies regarding alternate routes, weight questions, and other related concerns. Correspondence continues throughout the year with several of these firms.

In 2010 an email database was created with information obtained from trucking companies, this database allows notification to companies as to the start and end of the seasonal weight time. Also posters regarding the seasonal weight limits were placed in area truck stops and the three major truck stops in Black River Falls. A Wood County Sheriff's Department contact information is included on each of these posters to give a driver with any questions a contact person. These calls are routed to deputies who work seasonal weights.

Our goal each year is to report fewer citations and improved compliance with these restrictions. This would mean less wear and tear to our roads when they are most susceptible to damage. Enforcement is done strictly but fairly, whenever an officer is contacted efforts will be made to guide a driver to a non-posted road. On several occasions drivers that stopped after making a turn were backed out onto a main road and directed to follow the correct routes.

If you would like to be added to the e-mail notification list, please contact the Seasonal Weight Patrol team via our web contact form.