General Information

The following information and rules are to guide you if you are confined in the Wood County Jail. It will explain what is expected of you and the privileges you can earn.

The rules are for your benefit. If you violate the rules, you will be subject to a conduct report. If it is then found, either by admission or evidence presented, that you did commit a jail violation, you may be subject to some type of jail discipline.

The following rules, as set forth, are designed for the safekeeping and welfare of the inmates, security of the jail, and the safety of the Jail Staff, other law enforcement personnel, and visitors. Inmates who do not follow these rules are subject to appropriate discipline or criminal prosecution.

Inmates may be segregated for the following reasons:

  1. Violation of rules
  2. Prevention of escape
  3. Protection of inmates and Jail Staff
  4. Safeguard inmates’ health and welfare


The booking officer will be asking questions of you for our records and it is expected that you will give the information that is requested. If the booking officer is unable to get the proper information or the information is incorrect, you may be charged with obstructing and you could delay your court appearance until the proper information is obtained and verified.

Your personal property will be taken from you and you will be furnished a jail uniform. We will not store large amounts of personal property. We will limit storage to (1) change of street clothes, (1) jacket or coat, and (1) pair of shoes or boots. You are responsible for having any other items removed and stored by family members or friends. Upon admission, the booking officer will decide if you need a shower.

You may be entitled to a reduction of your sentence for good time, this being one day per every four days in jail. To get good time, the sentence must be a minimum of four days. Condition of probation sentences are not given good time.

Fingerprints and photos will be taken as needed and required during your stay. You will be required to submit to photographs and fingerprints.

Physical Force and Restraints

The Jail Staff will not use physical force other than to protect themselves in self-defense, to protect other persons, to prevent self-harm, to prevent destruction of property, to move a person in a reasonable manner to a particular area, or in the event of an attempted escape, as much force as necessary to prevent the escape. When the use of force is necessary, a written report will be left in your file, including any medical attention that may have been required.

Administrative Confinement

Administrative confinement means a non-punitive, segregated confinement of an inmate in their cell or other isolated area, solely because they are dangerous, to ensure personal safety and security within the jail.

Reasons for this type of confinement are: (1) the inmate presents a substantial risk of physical harm to the inmate, another person, or property; (2) threatens the security and order ofthejail; (3) inhibits a pending disciplinary investigation.

Administrative confinement can be imposed by any Jail Staff member for these reasons, but must be reviewed by a Jail Supervisor within 24 hours. A periodic review must be done on the placement by a Jail Supervisor to determine when the Inmate no longer presents a threat to the safe, security, and order of the Jail. When this determination is met, the Inmate will be returned to "General Population." All items regarding this placement mustbe documented.

Beds and Bedding

From wake-up to lockdown, you are not allowed in your bed. At the morning wake-up, you are to make your bed with the pillow at the head-end of your bunk. All sheets and blankets will be tucked to present a neat appearance. During the course of the day you may lay on your bunk, While lying on the bunk, you may cover up with the blanket only. (NOTE: YOU MUST HAVE YOUR UNIFORM ON WHILE LYING UNDER THE BLANKET.) Blankets, sheets, pillows, mattress, or other bedding items are not allowed off of your bunk. Inmates may only possess the bedding items issued to them, Wake-up call will be at breakfast,


Commissary will be provided at least once each week, Items such as candies, snacks, and some items for personal hygiene may be purchased. Once an order has been placed, it will be filled with no exchanges or refunds. If you are released before receiving the items, the items will be saved for a period not to exceed 30 days. You may pick up the items by calling in advance and setting up a time to pick up the items. If more information is needed, ask the Jail Staff.

Community Service

At times an inmate has been given Community Service as part of their sentence. At times there maybe items in the Jail that may need to be done that could count for this. This type of working need not fall into the Inmate Worker Guidelines.


All inmates of the cell block are responsible for cleaning the entire day room area, shower area, bars, and walls. This will be done twice weekly, along with your individual cleaning. Day rooms shall be kept neat at all times.

Books, newspapers, paperwork, etc., cannot be stored in the day room area. These items should be in your individual storage container unless you are actually using the item.

Discipline in every jail is necessary. Ignorance of the rules contained within this booklet will not be considered an adequate excuse for an infraction of the jail rules. Any point that is not clear will be explained by one of the Jail Staff.

Disciplinary Procedure

If a violation of a rule results in punishment, the rule that is violated must be described with sufficient clarity.

Each rule shall also indicate the maximum punishment that may be imposed upon you for a violation. No punishment may be imposed upon you if the alleged violation is not included in the Rules and Regulations.


It is required that you be given a hearing on all major rule infractions. On minor rule infractions, the jailer on duty can impose penalties.

On minor infractions, the Jail Supervisor must review the incident and decide if in fact a rule violation occurred. If found that a rule violation occurred, the Supervisor must decide if the violation was a minor or major. If minor, the penalty will remain as imposed by the staff member.

You shall be notified of the charge/s and of your right to a hearing at least 24 hours in advance of the hearing (excluding weekends and holidays). You may waive this time limit. If the rules or rule infraction could lead to criminal charges, you will be advised of your rights and be allowed to contact an attorney.

You have the right to be present at your hearing. Please list all persons you wish to question in your defense, Witnesses may only be material witnesses - no character witnesses will be allowed.

Appeal requests must be made within 24 hours of the hearing and must be made in writing, Appeals will be heard by the Jail Administrator or other higher-ranking person.

You may have access to any documents or reports that will be considered at the hearing.

No attorneys will be present for conduct hearings.

Hearings may be waived and summary judgment imposed if agreeable to the inmate.


As equipment and space becomes available, some exercise or recreation may become available for those who obey the rules. Along with equipment and space, weather and manpower are factors for any program. Inmates will be notified when exercise areas are available.

Exercise equipment and recreation areas will be used as intended. Horseplay, hollering, and misuse of items will result in immediate loss of the privilege. If you have been found to have violated rules of the Jail you may not be allowed to use the recreation areas for a period of thirty days.

Grievance Procedure

The grievance procedure provides a means of allowing you to express your complaints in a constructive manner, which will assist the Department in maintaining fair, and humane jail administration policies.

You may petition the Sheriff to revise/revoke or amend an existing Jail Policy, Procedure, Rule, or Regulation.

The petition shall be considered only when it is submitted in writing and sets forth the exact item being grieved. You are encouraged to submit with each petition supporting materials regarding the grievance and any recommendation for change.

Upon receipt of the petition, the Sheriff or designee shall consider the petition, assign it for review, and decide the process for review (summary or hearing). Sheriff shall notify you in writing or orally within 72 hours (three working days) of these determinations,

Upon submission of each petition and within a reasonable time, not to exceed thirty days, the Sheriff or his designee shall report in writing his decision and findings. Copies of these shall be made available to some or all parties to the petition.

You will not be punished formally or informally solely for using the grievance procedure.

Inmate Counts

In most cases, a formal inmate count will not be necessary but at times one may be needed. If used, you will be required to enter your own cell or bunk area and remain there until the count is completed.

Inmate Personal Items

Items permitted into the cell blocks are as follows:

  • 3 changes of underclothing, socks, handkerchiefs (white only-no writing)
  • Inmates may request to have their underclothing labeled with a marker to assist in identifying them. Staff will mark clean clothing only if requested to do so. Initials will be used.
  • Religious articles - soft-covered prayer books and Bibles
  • Religious medals not to exceed 2" in diameter or Height
  • Photographs - unframed except for paper folders (Limited to 2 only - no larger than 5" x 7")
  • Polaroid pictures are not allowed
  • One deck of playing cards per inmate
  • One approved game per cellblock at a time. No jigsaw puzzles allowed
  • Plain wedding bands (the jail is not responsible for loss of wedding bands kept by inmate)
  • Magazines, newspapers, etc. - mailed directly from Publisher
  • Stamped envelopes allowed only if purchased from Jail Commissary
  • No stamps to be sent in through mail
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste jail issue or Jail Commissary only
  • Comb - plastic with blunt ends, comb must be pliable
  • Shampoo - Allowed only if purchased from Jail Commissary
  • Deodorant - Allowed only if purchased from Jail Commissary
  • Soap - Allowed only if purchased from Jail Commissary
  • Wooden Pencils - as provided by Wood County Jail
  • Paperback Books - must be from publisher or jail Library (Jail library limit is 4 books)
  • Styrofoam cup (if issued)
  • Court and legal papers
  • Limited amount of personal papers (addresses, etc.)
  • Shoes -jail issued

All personal property must fit inside the storage container Provided. The lid must close properly.


All personal items must be kept in the storage container, The only items which can be kept outside of your storage container are toiletries (kept on your shelf), wet towels (kept on your hooks), and dirty laundry (kept in laundry bags on hooks).No items will be dropped off at the Jail for you at any time, During a visit, money may be deposited by the visitor into your account. No other items will be accepted. Letters, paperwork, pictures, etc. must be mailed,

Jail authorities will not be held responsible for articles left at the jail by you for more than thirty (30) days after your release. Items left more than thirty (30) days will be disposed of

Inmate Rooms

When you are assigned to a cell or bunk, it is your responsibility to keep the assigned cell in a high degree of cleanliness. You are to fully clean your room at least twice weekly with the supplies we furnish, During the cleaning, your room should be swept and mopped. Your sink should be cleaned and your toilet disinfected. Cells or bunks cannot be changed without permission of the jail staff.

The storage container will be kept in your cell or under your assigned bunk

Inmate Rules

When you are admitted into the jail, the rules apply to you. If you cannot read, it is your responsibility to notify the Jail Staff and the rules will be read to you.

  1. Officers are to be addressed as officers, by their rank, or by their proper name.
  2. Disrespectful behavior such as cursing or name-calling toward jail staff, outside agencies staff, or visitors, will lead to disciplinary action. Disciplinary action may also be taken when inmates are disrespectful toward each other.
  3. You will not communicate or attempt communication with persons outside of your cellblock.
  4. You are not allowed to make any gestures, signs, or commit any actions that are in poor taste visible through the Windows. You are not allowed to stand on beds, sinks, etc.
  5. You are not allowed to accept anything from anyone directly unless okayed by the Jail Staff.
  6. You are not allowed to cross the black lines indicating a restricted area without permission from the Jail Staff.
  7. You may not tamper with windows, door locks, electric or plumbing fixtures, If these fixtures are not working properly, report them to the Jail Staff.
  8. Entering any cell other than your own is not permitted and can lead to disciplinary action
  9. You are not allowed to have money in your possession.
  10. You are not allowed to transfer any money to another inmate.
  11. Request slips shall be accepted once each day; submit them at the time designated. Request slips will be filled during the night shift and delivered in the morning. All request slips shall contain your name, cell block number, and the request, written in a clear manner.
  12. If on work details you may not leave the place of assignment except by permission of the Jail Staff.
  13. If you are injured in any way, report this to the officer in charge or any jail officer
  14. You are subject to search at any time. Cells are subject to search at any time. The type of search shall be determined by the Jail Supervisor, based on the existing circumstances, You may be assigned to a different cellblock as part of the search procedure. (You may be moved to a different cellblock at any time.) All lockers are subject to search at any time without the inmate being present
  15. All special requests, complaints, or grievances shall be made in writing and given to the Jail Supervisor on duty. If the Jail Supervisor cannot respond, it will be referred to the Jail Administrator.

Inmate Workers

Inmate workers provide help in the washing of dishes and utensils and maintaining County-owned buildings, grounds and equipment.

Inmate workers are selected by the Jail Staff. When an inmate is selected as a worker, they must perform the task and perform them well to maintain that position.

Recommended guidelines for selection of inmate workers are:

  1. Minimum of 10 days to serve
  2. Under sentence with NO pending charges or holds
  3. If under sentence as part of probation, the probation officer must be notified and approve
  4. Jail Staff must submit the information to the Jail Supervisor for approval
  5. Jail Supervisors will make the final selection of inmate workers.


You will be allowed to choose library books once each week, A limit of 4 books maybe checked out at any one time. There is a limited law library that information can be obtained from. Contact a Jail Supervisor on this for assistance and information. A fee for copies may be applicable.

Living Conditions

The Jail Staff of the Wood County Jail is responsible for your safeguarding, maintaining sanitary and healthful living conditions and providing fair treatment until you are released.

We will provide a clean and sanitary facility with adequate heat, ventilation, hot water, along with clean linen, towels and uniforms. Soap, razors, toothpaste, toothbrush, and comb are also provided. You are responsible for the other items of personal hygiene which, if needed, must be purchased from Jail Commissary.

You will also have certain responsibilities. Discipline and order are absolute requirements for institutional life and all necessary measures to maintain them will be used. Your cooperation in the following will help us and you.

  1. Your attention to sanitation and tidiness will help maintain a pleasant environment and make your stay as comfortable as possible. Remember that your conduct, attitude, and cooperativeness will have a direct bearing on what privileges are made available to you. It is your responsibility to earn these privileges by obeying the rules and conducting yourself appropriately.
  2. You must do your share of cleaning and general housekeeping each day.
  3. You are required to make your bed after breakfast and straighten up the areas needed. Beds will remained made until lockdown. All personal items in your cell must be stored neatly and orderly in your storage container. Only shoes will be allowed on the floor. You may lie on top of the bed at any time and cover up with the blanket, but must remain in your uniform during non-lockdown hours.
  4. All doors, beds, shelves, tables, bars, floors and lavatories are expected to be cleaned at least twice weekly and kept as clean as possible between cleaning days. Materials needed for this purpose will be supplied.
  5. No items will be placed on the doors, windows, walls, bars, or bunks. Accumulations of newspapers and magazines will not be allowed. No papers of any type are allowed to be placed on the bars.
  6. Smoking is prohibited at all times, Possession of matches, lighters, or tobacco products is also prohibited.
  7. Do not throw trash on the floors.
  8. Writing or drawing on the walls or other surfaces is strictly forbidden.
  9. You are not allowed to display pictures depicting sexual acts.
  10. Disruption caused by loud talking, whistling, profanity or obscenities will not be tolerated.
  11. Lockdown and lights out will be at 10:00 PM. Television shut-off will be at midnight weekdays, Television shut-off will be at about 2:00 AM on Friday and Saturday if the cell has received no conduct reports. Television may be turned off at any time the block receives a conduct report,

Lockdowns/Removal from cells (Temporary)

At times you will be asked to enter the cell area to be locked down while staff members enter the cell. This may occur for maintenance, searches, cell inspections, or whenever security is an issue. These lockdowns will be only for as long as needed to complete the task and are not for discipline reasons,

At times you will be asked to leave the cellblock and will be placed in other cells or rooms so that authorized staff can enter the cell area. This may be done when conducting searches, inspections, maintenance, or when security or safety is involved. You will be kept in the other areas only as long as needed for staff/workers to complete whatever needs to be done. This is not done as a disciplinary measure. if for some reason a cell or cellblock can no longer be used without further repair, etc., you will be moved to another cell.


All correspondence will be sent through the U.S. mail. The Jail Staff will not inspect or censor any outgoing mail. All outgoing mail will be sealed by the inmate and proper postage attached to the envelope, Postage stamps must be obtained through the canteen when purchased at the Jail. All outgoing mail will be picked up at lockdown time.

All incoming mail will be opened by Jail Staff in front of you to check for contraband, Privileged mail will be inspected for contraband only, Packages will not be inspected in front of the inmate. The jail will not search letters from the Governor, Attorney General, Judge of any Court of Record, Department of Health and Social Services (Division of Corrections), or any licensed attorney. For those not having any funds, the Jail will provide the normal postage for one (1) letter a week being sent to a friend or family member and postage for legal correspondence,

All mail must be addressed to:

Wood County Jail
Your name
400 Market Street
P0 Box 8095
Wis Rapids WI 54495-8095
A return name and address must be on all mail received.

All correspondence going out shall have the name of the sender and return address of the Jail along with the name and address for whom the mail is intended. Mail will be picked up once a day. (No mail service on weekends and holidays,) Mail not addressed properly will not be accepted/delivered.

For security and control, you are allowed three (3) publications to come to you while you are in jail - either newspapers, books or magazines. The publications must come from the publishers. Any other reading materials will not be accepted.


A proper and well-balanced diet is provided for you.

All menus and meals are prepared by staff. Three meals each day are prepared and served. Huber Inmates or inmates that are gone during meal times will be provided a sack lunch. You may not eat other inmates’ food.

Meals will be served on trays. You will get your own tray from the staff during feeding time. You will return your own tray to the staff at the time of collection of the trays. All uneaten food will remain on the trays and be returned back to the staff at the time of collection. All silverware will be returned with each individual tray. Drinking cups/containers will be emptied and returned with the meal trays, unless they are disposable, in which case they shall be placed in the garbage can. No messes of any type will be tolerated. Accumulation of food items or drinking cups/containers will not be allowed. Damage to trays, silverware, and other eating utensils will not be tolerated and the person turning in such items will be held responsible. Food from any meal may not be saved beyond tray pickup time.

Medical, Dental and Psychiatric

At the time of being booked in, you will be asked about your medical background. Please indicate any problem at this time, if you have a communicable disease, please advise the booking officer of this. We will act upon your medical problem. if this is not obtained at booking, please list it on the sick call form. The dentist will provide emergency dental care only. This does not include any type of cosmetic dentistry. Inmates are responsible for their own bills, No emergency medical treatment will be denied due to indigence.

Prescription medications or treatments will not be administered unless prescribed by a physician. if a nurse or physician is not available, the jailer will administer prescribed doses of oral medication at prescribed times only. A written record of all medications will be maintained. Nonprescription medications may require approval by Jail medical personnel.

You may be charged a fee for any medical treatment. Medical treatment will not be denied to indigent inmates.

Personal Hygiene

After processing and being placed into a cellblock area, you will take a shower as soon as it is available. Showers are to be taken at least every other day. There is no specific regulation on the length of hair or facial hair growth; however, it must be kept clean and neat at all times. Uniforms, soap, sheets, blankets, pillow cases, towels, razors and toilet paper will be furnished by the jail. Jail footwear will be issued.

Sheets and pillowcases will be exchanged weekly. Towels will be exchanged twice a week. Blankets will be laundered every 60 days, Razors will be furnished daily, Other hygiene items may be purchased by submitting a canteen request. The jail will also furnish toothpaste, toothbrush, and a comb.

Phones are located in each cellblock for use by the inmate. All calls are limited to 15 minutes. All calls (including local calls) are collect calls. Phones are usually turned on between 6:00AM and 10:00 PM each day. Inmates that abuse the phone privilege will have restrictions or lose the phone privilege altogether. The jail will not deliver messages or take incoming calls unless an emergency. To operate the phone, pick up the receiver and follow the instructions.

Privacy Hours

The Wood County Jail has male and female staff working at all times.

A privacy time for showers has been set from about 6:15 AM to 7:00 AM and 6:15 PM to 7:00 PM each day. During this time period, only same sex staff will conduct general checks.

In the Medium Security Section, evening privacy and shower hours will be from 8:OO P.M to 9:OOP.M At times, different shower times maybe allowed but this does not change the privacy hours.


No smoking is allowed in the Jail, No tobacco products or burning materials are allowed to be with the inmate or in the cell. Inmates who leave the jail and return, will not be allowed to bring such items with them.

Whenever an inmate complains that they are being compelled to do something contrary to their religious beliefs or are being prevented from practicing their religion, the complaint shall be made in writing and presented to the Jail Supervisor.

The Jail Supervisor will meet with the inmate to determine specifically what the inmate proposes the staff do to accommodate their religious practices.

If the Jail Supervisor cannot handle this item, it will be referred to the Jail Administrator, who may authorize accommodations or explain the basis for rejection of the inmate’s proposal.

Church services are available at the Jail upon the availability of local ministers. Inmates will be notified when services are held. In some cases, inmates will be required to sign up for services. Attendance is voluntary.


From breakfast until lockdown, a uniform will be required at all times, While in the cell area, you may have it removed from your shoulders. Anytime you leave the cellblock, the uniform will be entirely on and closed. Pants legs will not be rolled up. Writing on the uniform or ripping it in any way will not be tolerated.


All persons entering in or leaving the jail area are subject to a complete search or their person and belongings. You have the right not to be searched and may exercise that right by not entering the jail area. Visits at the Wood County Jail are facilitated by use of a glass partitioned visitation booths and audio is via a handset. Legal services and agencies are allowed face to face visitation with inmates with prior notice.

Each inmate is allowed one visit per week that starts on Sunday. All visits must be made at least one day in advance by calling (715) 421-8730 first. Legal Services and outside departments are exempt from this visitation rule. The person requesting the visit must be the person scheduling the visit. The first appointment made will be honored. No more than two approved visitors will be allowed to visit the inmate during the visitation time period. Eating, drinking or excessive noise will be grounds for visit termination and restricted future visits.

Items or packages dropped off or mailed to Jail inmates are subject to search. Visitors under the age of 18 are not allowed to visit unless accompanied by a parent/guardian. The parent/guardian must remain with the person visiting at all times. All visits will last approximately 45 minutes. Valid picture identification must be provided upon request.

Visitors are not allowed to use cell phones or cellular devices while in the visiting booths. The use of a cell phone or cellular device while in the visitation booths will result in the immediate termination of the visit, restriction on future visits or possible criminal charges.

All visitation days and times are subject to cancellation without notice! Visits may be shortened or terminated at any time by jail staff at their discretion.

Visiting Hours:

Tuesday 10:15 AM 1:15 PM 2:15 PM 3:15 PM 4:15 PM 7:15 PM
Wednesday 10:15 AM 1:15 PM 2:15 PM 3:15 PM 4:15 PM 7:15 PM
Thursday 10:15 AM 1:15 PM 2:15 PM 3:15 PM 4:15 PM 7:15 PM
Saturday 10:15 AM 1:15 PM 2:15 PM 3:15 PM 4:15 PM 7:15 PM
Sunday 10:15 AM 1:15 PM 2:15 PM 3:15 PM 4:15 PM 7:15 PM

Types of Punishment

Minor Violations may result in the following discipline:

  1. Verbal reprimand
  2. Written reprimand
  3. Restriction of privileges for 24 hours or less
  4. Placement in punitive segregation for 24 hours or less

Major Violations may result in the following discipline:

  1. Lockdown not to exceed 10 days per rule violation (no loss of basic hygiene products)
  2. Restriction of commissary
  3. Restriction of television
  4. Loss of good time (not to exceed 2 days per violation)
  5. Loss of Huber/Work Release if violation occurred while exercising this privilege (not to exceed 5 days per violation, unless a court hearing is set for total revocation of the privilege)
  6. Loss of trustee status if violation occurs while on trustee status
  7. Restriction of visitation (other than clergy and attorney)
Punishment may not include:
  1. Restriction of food
  2. Restriction of health or sanitary conditions
  3. Restriction of hygienic implements
  4. Restriction of clothing
  5. Restriction of medical access
  6. Restriction of reading material (religious and legal)
  7. Restriction of law library and correspondence
  8. Restriction of visitation from attorney or clergy
  9. Use of corporal punishment

Each punishment must have a definite maximum time. if you receive lockdown as punishment, it will be limited to ten (10) days maximum confinement for each distinct violation.

Any loss of privileges you receive will be limited to 7 days per violation.

You may be summarily locked down prior to a hearing only if the duty supervisor deems that a dangerous condition exists when:

  1. The inmate threatens to inflict bodily harm upon someone where the threat is likely to be consummated
  2. The inmate is engaged in an actual fight with another inmate, member of the Jail Staff or visitor
  3. The inmate is actually involved in the destruction of County property or actually engaged in causing the disturbance
  4. The inmate attempts or is actually engaged in sexual conduct or an act with another person
  5. The inmate does not object to summary lockdown for his/ her own protection

Rules and Disciplinary Action

These rules, in addition to the other regulations found in other sections of this booklet, will govern your conduct.

In all cases where your behavior violates a law, formal charges will be filed, jail administrative discipline imposed, or both will be taken against you.

Offenses Against Person

Offenses with punishments up to 10 days lockdown

  1. Assaults
  2. Fighting
  3. Sexual acts with others
  4. Threatening anyone (including extortion, blackmail, and protection)
  5. Offenses with punishments up to five (5) days lockdown:
    1. Threatening conduct
    2. Excessive and/or obscene verbal behavior

Offenses Against Property

Offenses with punishment up to ten (10) days lockdown:
  1. Theft
  2. Damage or destruction of property (by fire or any means)
  3. Rioting
  4. Possession of money
  5. Possession of another person's property
  6. Writing on walls or furniture, attaching pictures to walls or furniture, covering lights, covering windows, covering or limiting Jail Staff observation of cell area, or otherwise defacing any County- owned property.

Offenses Impeding the Administration of Justice within the Wood County Jail

Offenses with punishment up to ten (10) days lockdown:
  1. Lying or making false statements
  2. Offering a bribe or anything of value to any official or staff member

Offenses posing a threat to the security and order of the Wood County Jail

Offenses with punishment up to ten (10) days lockdown:
  1. Creating a disturbance (including a riot)
  2. Willful disobedience of a valid order and/or the rules
  3. False alarm
  4. Escape, attempted escape, or planning an escape
  5. Interfering with the Court
  6. Possession or introduction of weapons, explosives or unauthorized tools
  7. Setting fires
  8. Tampering with locking devices
  9. Wearing or making a disguise or mask
  10. Being in an unauthorized area
  11. Possession or making forged documents
  12. Failure to cooperate with a search of your person or property at any time
  13. Making annoying, threatening, or obscene phone calls
  14. Being on a bed or in a cell other than your own
  15. Failure to cooperate with the inmate counts or attempting to create a false count
  16. Use of profanity toward the Jail Staff or official
  17. Making threats to the jail staff

Offenses against health, Safety and miscellaneous

Offenses with punishment up to ten (10) days lockdown:
  1. Creating a health, safety, or fire hazard
  2. Being out of an assigned place
  3. Possession of or introduction of contraband
  4. Possession of narcotics, drug paraphernalia or alcohol
  5. Misuse of medication
  6. Being intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol or unauthorized drugs
  7. Violating a condition of the Huber/Work Release programs
Offenses with punishment up to five (5) days lockdown:
  1. Refusing to maintain and clean your cell
  2. Adulteration of food or drink/making of intoxicants
  3. Follow safety or sanitation regulations
  4. Unauthorized contacts with the public (in courts or in transport)
  5. Malingering or feigning an illness
  6. Abuse of privileges
  7. Gambling
Offenses which lead to removal of inmate worker status
  1. Failure to report to work
  2. Failure to do work in an acceptable way
  3. Inappropriate attitude and/or behavior toward work and/or jail staff
  4. Violations of other jail rules or regulations

Other Circumstances for lockdown:

Offenses with punishment up to ten (10) days lockdown:
  1. By request of the inmate
  2. Investigation of criminal activity
  3. Shakedown of units and sections of the Wood County Jail
  4. Upon order of the Sheriff or Jail Administrator when a security factor is present

Any rule infraction may be considered by the Jail Staff to be a MINOR violation if no actual physical encounter occurred, no actual damage occurred, it was a first violation of the rules, and the staff feels that a minor punishment would not unduly lessen the seriousness of the violation.

Any rule violation not listed under the discipline section will be considered a MINOR violation. Any repeated violation of those items will then be considered as a MAJOR violation and be subject to the five (5) day lockdown.