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ATV Intensive Use Area

Main Entrance: 4415 State Highway 54, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54495
Main Office: 111 W. Jackson St., WI Rapids, WI 54495, 715-421-8422 / parks@woodcountywi.gov
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The Wood County ATV Intensive Use Area is located 3 miles west of Port Edwards on State Highway 54. The park provides a central trailhead location to access ATV/UTV trails, snowmobile trails, and routes in Wood County and adjacent counties. The 400-acre area includes 10 miles of ATV trails, restroom facilities, a wash down station, loading/unloading ramp, playground equipment, open shelter, and an enclosed shelter. The park is open year-round with the exception of gun deer hunting season. This area offers several loop trails that have varying terrain and conditions. It is recommended if you visit the ATV Intensive Use Area to have a cell phone on you, to ride with a buddy, and to have a winch on your machine. It is a very “intensive use area."

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Facilities & Activities

*ATV Intensive Use Area Map
*10 Miles of ATV Trails
*Small Open Shelter w/ Grill
*Large Paved Parking Lot
*Picnic Area
*Restroom Facility
*Enclosed Shelter (Reservable)
*Loading/Unloading Ramp
*ATV Wash Station
*Wood Stove
*Trailhead Access to Wood County ATV/UTV Route System & Snowmobile Trails

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